How to Submit


Each abstract (3000 characters max.) should have a title, an explicit problematic and a short bibliography.


No proposal may have more than three authors.


The abstracts will be blind peer reviewed.


You may also submit a proposal for a panel on a specific topic (three proposals minimum).


The deadline for submission is November 24.


 Authors are invited to submit their titles, abstracts and cv electronically on the homepage of the conference

For session proposals, please submit a brief abstract of the session along with an abstract for each participant. Please note that on the website, for technical reasons, each abstract, even of a research session, has to be submitted individually.

If you get technical problems to submit, please contact:





December 7, 2017 : deadline for proposals


January 15, 2018 : results of the peer-review


May 23-25, 2018 : Conference



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